Altered – Short sleeve t-shirt




Altered – Short sleeve t-shirt features a psychedelic design that invokes altered visions. Made with the Altered design by Mr. Sun!

A comfortable and lightweight 100% Polyester t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn for a super silky feel. This American Apparel t-shirt is made in America, sweatshop free.

• 100% polyester construction
• Durable rib neckband
• Made in America, sweatshop free


What about sublimation printing errors?

Since sublimation printing involves pressing the design onto a pre-sewn piece of clothing, there are unavoidable white lines present in the arm pits and along the seams. Returns will not be accepted for white lines present under the arms or along the seams. More info here.

How do I wash these? Do the colors fade?

Wash normally but hang dry rather than using a dryer. If you follow this rule, the colors will not fade!

About Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun is George Arvanitis, a Montreal based artist. From a young age, he was always obsessed with illusions and hallucinations. His discovery of psychedelics and fractals then catapulted him into another dimension. A lot of his work is based on visuals rooted in psychedelic visions. As a festival veteran, he always had ideas for eye catching clothing designs that would be perfect for any event.

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